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Solar Power Systems is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We specialise in solar energy system design and installation, and will provide you with cost efficient systems that will reduce your power bill. Our pride lies within our quality products, service, and ability to meet our client's energy needs. We operate in the greater Auckland and Waikato region.

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Why choose solar? You'll be amazed.

Solar power is one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy available to us.

These systems generate electricity without producing harmful gases which are the cause of global warming and acid rain worldwide. This makes solar power an indispensable source of clean energy for our future.

Solar power systems have been around for more than fifty years. As time has passed they have been refined in such an economical way that we are now able to use them in our homes.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels in Auckland and Hamilton

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How Does Solar Power Work

How solar works. See for yourself.

Solar energy is a technology that uses special materials (semiconductor based photovoltaic panels) to convert sunlight to environmentally friendly, reliable electricity.

Photovoltaic (solar) panels are typically mounted on the roof to harness the sun’s energy. The generated electricity is then used by your household for day to day living.

By integrating these systems with the local power grid, homeowners can automatically sell surplus electricity to the local grid, or top up their solar generated supply by purchasing additional electricity from their local provider as required. This highly efficient system delivers a stable supply of electricity while ensuring that none of the electricity generated goes to waste.

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Solar systems. Many options.

On-Grid System

Energy from the solar panels is supplied to an inverter that converts the photovoltaic energy into AC power. The electricity is then combined with the power of the grid at the distribution board. Surplus electricity generated is sent into the grid and credited against the households electricity bill.

  • A wide range of system sizes from 1.5kW to 10kW can be installed.
  • Each system is specially designed to suit your household needs.
  • The system is installed with a monitor so you can track your energy production and consumption.

Off-Grid System Where no grid electricity is available

The energy from solar panels is supplied to an inverter/charger which charges the storage batteries. When no generation is possible (e.g. night time), electricity is obtained from the batteries, which supply the inverter until a set discharge level is reached, or until solar generation is possible again.

Off–Grid Systems are advanced systems that provide independence from the power grid and are a great way of achieving self-sufficiency.

Hybrid System

Hybrid systems are a combination of on-grid and off-grid systems and are totally versatile. Batteries can be added on at any stage as required. Adding batteries will extend the availability of daily solar generated electricity even longer and makes the system more profitable.

Solar generated electricity will be consumed in your home first. The excess electricity will be stored in batteries until they are fully charged. Once the batteries are fully charged, the excess electricity will be fed into the grid.

We also have second generation inverters available which offers emergency power supply to your home. This helps overcome those unwanted power failures which can leave you in the darkness unexpectedly. This system uses electricity from your batteries to power your home.

Become Power Smart With Solar

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Renewable Sustainable Energy From The Sun. That is Smart Power

Get solar. Whatever your needs.

Call now for a free on-site assessment so we can work on a personalised design to cater to your individual situation. If you decide to use our services, Solar Power Systems will liaise with your network owners and service providers on your behalf to arrange the necessary approvals and inspections.

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Mobile Energy

We are the appointed agent in New Zealand and the Pacific for the Pearsala Group.

Pearsala Group offers mobile solar, wind, and communications trailers with an add-on for mobile water purification.

This is specifically designed and driven by the emergency market, NASA research, and commercial enterprise.

The technology is also designed with the environment in mind and has very minimal environmental impact.

Find out more at http://www.pearsalagroup.com

Pearsala Group, Mobile Energy Trailer Systems

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Solar Mounting Systems

We are the New Zealand appointed agent for Wanhos Solar Mounting Systems.

Wanhos Solar Mounting Systems is a high-tech enterprise, specialising in solar PV mounting systems, such as roof mounting, ground mounting as well as any custom solutions.

Wanhos devote themselves to research, design, and manufacturing of high quality solar PV mounting systems. As one of the largest PV solar product exporters, products have been sold and installed in more than 100 countries and regions.

International standards and management concepts, such as ISO9001:2008, CP, APQP, FMEA, MSA, SPC etc., are strictly adhered to and applied.

Find out more at http://www.wanhos.com

Wanhos, Custom Solar Mounting Systems

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Simax Solar Panels

We are an appointed agent for Simax Green New Energy (Europe) GmbH.

Simax is a high-tech company who specializes in development, manufacture, and marketing of silicon ingots, wafers, solar cells, solar modules, photovoltaic systems, and products for solar applications.

Simax has a research & development team whose members are well known experts in the photovoltaic industry.

Their products have been certified by CE, CEC,MCS, IEC61215, IEC61730 and ISO9001.

They have a leading warranty in the PV industry

25 year transferrable power output warranty: 10 years / 90%, 25 years / 80%

Find out more at http://www.simaxsolar.com.au

Simax, German designed solar panels

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